Moribito's eBook

 The Monkey, The Man and the Forest

We, Moribito (Forest People) Project Organization created an English version of e-book "The Monkey, The Man and the Forest"

This book was created based on the allegory 'Rinchu-no-tan(The story in the forest)' which Takuboku Ishikawa contributed to a journal in 1907 for a junior high school where he graduated. Reiko Yamamoto, a curator of the Ishikawa Takuoku Memorial Museum, translated the contemporary and Moribito Project Organization self-published the journal as a picture book in 2009.

We are now at the crossroads of a turning-point in civilization. This book gives us a chance to review our current way of life fundamentally. We hope many people read this book. Downloading is free. We appreciate it if you could give us your impressions.